Your SAFETY is Important to Us:


We are aware of how important your chiropractic care is to your health and well being. We also understand how COVID-19 has affected each and every one of our lives. Please be aware of the additional measures we are taking at Wisconsin Chiropractic Center to keep you and your loved ones safe during this time:


According to Article 8 in Governor Ever’s “Safer at Home” order. Chiropractic offices are still considered essential healthcare in Wisconsin. Therefore, our office is OPEN to help patients both current and new, manage their pain and symptoms. This helps alleviate the burden placed on emergency and urgent care facilities for pain management options.


  • Patients appointments are staggered as much as possible to limit patient contact.
  • Sanitizing wipes are found in each room.
  • All treatment tables, ultrasound heads, light therapy and electrode pads are wiped down after EACH patient. Please be understanding of the increased time this takes to do successfully.
  • Hand sanitizer can be found in treatment rooms and will be used after EACH patient by Dr. Jacki and staff and is available for patient use as well.
  • Additional soap and towels are found in the restroom for frequent handwashing by staff and patients.
  • All reception counters, restroom facilities, door handles, chairs and refreshment machines are wiped down every hour to slow the spread of germs.
  • Lysol for both surface sanitation and air sanitation is being regularly used.
  • Candy, magazines, children’s toys, pens or commonly touched items have been removed for your safety to reduce the spread of germs.


Please know we will monitor the situation both on the local, state and federal levels daily. We will remain open for as long as we are allowed, to provide the care you have come to expect from this office. If we take the proper measures to contain this virus we will be able to resume normal daily living soon.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jacki or Staff. We appreciate your loyalty to our office and hope you all know we see each and every one of you as part of our family.